Thoughts from vacation

Despite not relating to veggies or anything else I aim to write about, number 1 has to be: when one gets a cold just before flying home, get some decongestants no matter how tired you are or how inconvenient it might be. Because hearing is important!!

My favorite thing I ate during the trip: A slice of “Elton John” pizza at Bill’s Pizza in Prescott Arizona. In part, this was the best because the slice was an awesome combination of veggies including artichoke hearts, cooked spinach, fresh tomato, etc. Even more so because we (I) had just driven through an April snow, through a fairly nerve-wracking 7,000 ft plus mountain pass. We were heading back to Phoenix to end the trip and did not know what that route entailed. Finding a warm, crowded, pizza joint before noon on a Saturday was a gift for the soul. Apparently this non-pretentious restaurant was voted one of Arizona’s best restaurants by Arizona Highways magazine for 2012. A lucky find!

I did not do much cooking at our home for the week, in Sedona. I did find a very easy way to make asparagus in our condo, which provided basic pans, but limited extras (i.e. only salt and pepper). I may use this idea again when I find myself cooking in a time crunch. My goal was to not buy anything extra (e.g., spices, cooking accessories), because the suitcase was already bursting. I cut the bunch of asparagus into 1″ pieces and placed it in a casserole dish with about 1/8″ of water and salt. Cooked in the microwave 5 minutes on high. I have to say it was delicious considering the circumstances!

Over the week, I ate quite a few veggie burgers, black bean burgers, and veggie sandwiches, at restaurants. I had hoped to experience more creatively prepared vegetarian dishes being closer to California and the west coast, but I found that Arizona seems to like its meat. That’s ok! Now I know. This menu selection could also be attributed to choosing family/kid friendly places for the most part.

Now, it’s time for more decongestants for my ear. The doctor thinks I may be able to clear it on my own without an antibiotic. No permanent damage she says. Have a great week!


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