Yes, it’s a made up word, I think. Veggieversary is the anniversary of becoming vegetarian (or I suppose it could be vegan also). This coming weekend is my 2 year point! I will always have Memorial Day Weekend to help me remember, and because we are going out of town this weekend, I am writing this early.

Here is one reason I took action on my long-standing thoughts about becoming a vegetarian. In full disclosure, I will tell you this is actually my second (and I believe the last) trial of the veg thing. I had tried it for a year when I was in my 20’s and gave up, feeling protein deprived and demoralized. I had no idea how to fit vegetarian cooking in my busy work life back then.

Charlie is the first dog I ever owned. We grew up without pets, until I was 9, and a cat we named Marble found us. From then on we were cat fanatics. I never knew a dog well. In 2007, I was hoping for a stray cat to come adopt us, because my husband did not want a pet in the house, and it seemed silly to seek one out when we did not know how our son with asthma would react to pets. The boys wanted a pet badly (read: cat or dog) and the youngest son was especially sad at the start of each school year that he did not have a pet to mention when introducing himself at school. I thought a stray cat might stay outside for a while and eventually make its way in, which we all know is how these things usually go!  Literally, within 2 weeks of that wish/prayer, this dog, whom we named Charlie, was dirty and loose in my yard. We tried to find his owner, and we never did. So I had my first dog! He was trained, loyal from day one, and cuddly–he is a lap dog, in fact. Getting to know a dog really started me thinking about why we eat some animals and not others. And you know the rest!

I decided to eliminate meat from my diet as I read books on the topic under a tree at a soccer tournament 2 years ago. I have been thankful every single day that I made the decision, and I know it was right for me. I had been telling myself to wait until the kids were gone to college…I’m so happy I did not put it off. Really, what in the world was I thinking?

Here was my veggie recipe for the week…Yes I am still trying out roasting every veggie under the sun! Hopefully now that school and all that craziness is ending for the boys, I will finally get to the farmers markets and have the chance to be more creative and adventurous.

I used this recipe as written, although my slices were closer to 1/4 inch thickness. The sweet potatoes were tasty. I like leaving the skin on…so good. I would like to try this again and experiment with some flavor combinations–maybe some minced fresh ginger, maple syrup, smoked salt…the possibilities seem endless.

Here is what mine looked like. Note: The plate was designed by my brother when he was 3. I inherited my grandmother’s set we made for her. I just love how little kids draw people!

Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Veggieversary!

  1. I love roasted sweet potatoes…my eldest son used to eat them all the time as french fries when he was not eating potatoes. He still prefers sweet potato in his homemade chicken soup…thank goodness, so do I!

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