Sweet Victory ?! and Cheese Sauce for Veggies

I had the most fun surprise today! Shocking, actually. If you have known me for a while, you know I cannot run as fast as I used to. Today I went to a small, very small, local 5K road race, which raises money for a ministry to provide diapers and baby supplies to low-income mothers. I did not have expectations of any sort except to enjoy a wonderfully cool morning (about 55 degrees-amazing for June). When I finished I learned I was the first female! I won the race! I never found out my time, but that’s ok with me:) They handed me a race shirt immediately and later I was given a good quality pint glass with the race logo with a 25.00 gift card to a sporting goods store. I have never been the first female in a road race, ever. It was too fun!

My goal for this week has been to experiment with cheese sauces until I found one I liked, and could see myself making quickly and regularly to increase the vegetable intake of all of us around here. I hit the jackpot and found one on the first attempt! In the future, I have a vegan/dairy-free version I want to try, but I need to get across town to buy Daiya cheese first.

In general, my boys do not like vegetables. They each have 1-2 vegetables that I serve over and over to them. Embarrassing given the name of this blog, but true. As a child, I remember liking broccoli much better when it was served with Velveeta cheese sauce. Here is the one I found, minus the Velveeta! Ha, did I scare you there for a moment?

Adapted with a few changes from recipe by Sue Lau, the original is posted on food.com, titled Microwave Cheese Sauce


2 Tbsp butter

2 Tbsp all-purpose unbleached flour

1 cup warm milk (I used 1% milk)

1.5 cups shredded cheddar cheese (I used sharp shredded cheddar)

Note: I left out salt, recipe lists 1/2 tsp salt is optional


1. In a large microwave safe glass bowl, heat butter for 50 seconds on high or until the butter is melted.

2. Whisk together the butter, flour, and milk.

3. Add 1.5 shredded cheddar cheese and stir

4. Place bowl in microwave and cook on hight for 1 and 1/2-2 minutes (2:10 worked for me), whisking every 30 seconds or so, until the sauce is thick and heated through.

5. Season with salt if desired (I did not think it was needed).

Three out of 4 family members loved it. One was just 14-year old boy grumpy that day…so I have not given up on him yet.

Just curious, do you have any easy sauces to enhance veggie intake? Please share!





2 thoughts on “Sweet Victory ?! and Cheese Sauce for Veggies

  1. Congradulations on your victory! That is awesome! I have a recipe for a Daiya Cheese sauce that I adapted for Mac and Cheese…the family loves it! I would imagine one could use the sauce as a dip for veggies…good idea!

    • Thanks! I always like a good surprise! I did finally get some Daiya. Have your tried any other brands? I just kind of read on blogs that it might be the best non-dairy cheese. If I don’t like my recipe, I might email you to see if I can try yours:)

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