Tofu is NOT easy (Part 2)

Part 2 of the short series on one of my (ex-) favorite topics, Tofu, can be considered pretty much a failure. It consisted of 4 batches of tofu (both regular extra-firm and sprouted tofu) being pressed, cubed, and then stir fried in canola oil in various non-stick pans. These attempts included varying levels of heat, varying methods of preheating pans and oil, and one very smoky disaster. I’m stubborn like that.

I am trying to not use non-stick cookware (there seems to be agreement out there that the coatings are not healthy). Despite all the variations and time spent googling “tofu and non-stick pans” and many other apparently never-used combination of words, I could not get around a certain layer of tofu sticking to the bottom of the pan. I decided that oily fried tofu cubes are not worth all the work at this point. I think baking makes the most sense for health reasons and will be much less oily and easier to clean up.

Here are some pictures of the process (warning-none are going to make you jump up and want to try this. If you are trying to evolve to like tofu…stop here and read part 1 of this earth-shattering series. Or have a beer first!)

(Note layer of tofu on bottom becoming stubbornly attached to bottom of pan. The cubes did mostly hold together however). This happened every time.

This was the pan at end of the most successful batch. The cubes were slightly browned. I think they would only taste great if mixed into a stir fry with a sauce.

Lessons learned: 1. Baked tofu seems healthier 2. You have to use enough oil to absolutely prevent a dry bottom of the pan (so more oil means less healthy…)  3. Just above medium seemed to be the best level of heat in my 2 stainless steel pans with a smooth-top stove. 4. In reading about tofu, the opinion seems to be that sprouted tofu is slightly better because it is easier to digest and has a slightly better nutritional profile. They seemed to cook the same from what I saw.

Have a great second half of the week and may your cooking ventures be successful…As always, tofu tips are appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Tofu is NOT easy (Part 2)

  1. I, also am trying to cut back on non-stick pans. I just received as a gift, a cast iron pan…so far have just cooked bacon in it…still have to watch for sticking…overall, I am pleased with it. The only tofu I have cooked is when I cook Pad Thai for my husband and I in one of the last remaining non-stick pans I have. I use extra-firm tofu…I didn’t realize one still had to press it? Oops!

    • I might have to make that exception as well–I already have “exemptions” for scrambled eggs and pancakes! Your tofu might cook more quickly if you press it, but it sounds like it must be pretty good the way you are doing it.

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