Farmers’ Market leads to another kale experiment

I’ve been writing about this for some time…I finally got to a local farmers’ market on Thursday afternoon. I had not been to this particular market before, and it was much smaller than I expected. I strolled around (it did not take long with about 8 booths!), purchased some veggies, and tried some iced coffee. I was expecting organic vegetables–based on three other markets I have visited over the years–but none were advertised as organic. Darn. No fruits to speak of either. Definitely need to check back later for strawberries, blueberries, and anything else.

Here is what I bought:

Fresh mint, kale, and Bibb lettuce.

One night I made salad with the Bibb lettuce and (store-bought) romaine hearts chopped, chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, and feta cheese. It was great! So much tastier with the addition of fresh Bibb lettuce.

Another night I made a simple kale salad.

Here is my quick recipe:

Quick Kale Salad

Makes 4 small salads

1. Start with about two small kale stalks for each salad. (Total of 8 stalks for this recipe). Wash and dry the kale at least most of the way. Tear leaves off the main “stem” and tear into bite sized pieces.

2. Place kale in a large bowl and massage (with your hands) a homemade or premade dressing into the kale, making sure to cover every piece. My dressing was Marzetti brand (picture below). No need to measure-just add slowly to get the amount you like.

3. Cover and chill the salad about 30 minutes if you have time. I chilled mine about 10 minutes because I was in a rush.

3. Prior to serving, pour 3 Tbsp sliced almonds over salad. Add other optional toppings based on your dressing.

Here is the dressing I chose, thinking a stronger flavor might be best since kale is a stronger-flavored green! It is Marzetti’s Simply Dressed Ginger Sesame-I love that it’s made with extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt!

The salad was yummy, but I will admit the kale was not better or worse than kale I have purchased at Whole Foods, which is fresh with most things. What I liked the most was the greens “held up”–no soggy, icky salad for lunch at work the next day– and I had a truly healthy lunch addition.

Tomorrow, I plan to try some kale in a smoothie to use it up. I hear it’s good that way !?

Have a great, green week!


3 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market leads to another kale experiment

  1. A Ginger Sesame Dressing sounds delish! I just had Spicy Scallops with the same type of marinade paired with Sauteed Swiss Chard with garlic and ginger drizzled with the sauce from the marinade…yummy! I have yet to try Kale raw in a salad…I usually cook it like my Swiss Chard.

    • Meant to add…I have made a smoothie with spinach…I had it after my big run on the weekend when I was training for my 1/2 Marathon. It had dates, hemp seeds, pure cocoa, and coconut water…I quite enjoyed it after my run.

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