Tackling the “to do” list

Do you like to keep to do lists? I do…and my cooking/health food list of things to do and try has been growing. I realized I have been adding to it and not getting much done. I really dislike the idea of wasting things that I have purchased…so time to get cracking!

This was the list I started the weekend off with. It includes various items to try which I have picked up at Kroger (local grocery), Whole Foods (I never miss a stop there when on the other side of our city), Trader Joe’s, etc. It also includes recipes and ideas. I’ll admit, it’s a randomly bizarre list!

I am happy to say I checked a few items off. I made a vegan cheese sauce recipe with the non-dairy/vegan “cheese” Daiya and Earth Balance vegan “butter” and plain coconut milk. I served it over tortilla chips as a snack as my family was again watching Euro Cup soccer. Let’s be honest, nothing is going to fully replace cheese–but this was pretty good and a viable choice if you really don’t want or choose dairy products. I enjoy vegan cookbooks, which sometimes replace cheese with nut-based concoctions. Cashews seem popular. If you have a potentially life-threatening nut allergy in the house (especially cashews here), these nut recipes, while healthy and yummy for most, are not an option.

Item 2 checked off: Brown basmati rice. We like regular basmati quite a bit. I wanted to try the more healthy version. I made it in the rice cooker and then only had a few minutes to try it before I had to leave the house. (Wow, my rice cooker is s-l-o-w with brown rice!!). Tasted fine warm and as a leftover–I really like brown rice. Basmati seems a little lighter and less filling than the short grain and should work well with many recipes. I have not served it to the family yet.

Item 3: Goji berries-also known as wolfberries. I had read about them as a very power-packed source of anti-oxidants. I purchased a small amount in bulk at Whole Foods. When I checked on recipes, many people recommended brewing them into a tea. I don’t have an ongoing interest in tea…can’t get into it. I read that you can just eat them plain–I popped a few–not bad, but not awesome either. I am going to try them in  oatmeal, where the heat will soften them up a bit and I can cover the slight bitterness with other toppings.

Goji berries and some other fun items: (More on lara bars to come in the future–so simple and good!)

Number 4: Roasted sunflower seeds-I picked up a small container of plain, raw seeds in bulk at Whole Foods last week. I have been reading The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and she recommends roasting them and storing for quick additions to food (might as well just snack on some too!). This is an interesting book by the way, if one wants to read a perspective on why we should cut out animal products from our diet. I personally think she has exaggerated some evidence in her passion for the cause, but I have no doubt most of it is quite accurate. I have a library copy that I just keep renewing. I love the fact that sunflower seeds have iron. Like all plant sources of iron, the iron is absorbed better with vitamin C. I need to remember to have a little orange juice with my veggies and seeds.

These are the sunflower seeds after dry roasting in a skillet and adding a little shoyu (type of soy sauce) that Alicia recommended.

I finished off the weekend by finally ordering a tofu press!! Can’t wait! I guess I will have more posts on tofu–hold the excitement, people!!


3 thoughts on “Tackling the “to do” list

  1. Love how you made a heart out of the sunflower seeds…I love them roasted! I am a huge fan of nutritional yeast…I love it sprinkled over my salad…would like to try it as a cheese sauce and in other dishes. I have not tried goji berries…I do love my tea…green in the day and a mint in the evening. I have totally switched to quinoa instead of rice…although my family still loves their basmati they will mix it in with the quinoa…brown rice did not go over well with them! Wish we had a Trader Joe’s…we have Whole Foods but I need to drive in to the ‘big city’ to get to one.

    • I do love Trader Joe’s for some things. But I will say it is not that “allergy-friendly” so I can’t rely on being able to buy everything I might need for a week there. For example, bread–all off limits, baked goods–and they have a lot of really really tempting mini cookies and bars (as usual) off limits…much of the in-between aisles can be too. Good cheese and produce though. It seems to be allergy risky (at least for a tree nut allergy!!) more so than a typical grocery store because they must manufacture so many items in their own large facilities. You know…produced in a facility which also produces…So you may not be missing much:)

      I still have not tried that darned nutritional yeast. I think of it after a dish with cheese or other savory dishes. Maybe I can use your idea and remember for my huge salad I plan to eat tomorrow to use up food for vacation 🙂

      So how far is Whole Foods? You probably really have a long list when you get there. I keep a list in my phone so when I do get there I don’t forget!!

      • Whole Foods is at least an hour away and that does not include delays in traffic depending on the time one drives in and out…it would be a days excursion for sure! I am very much a list person! I carry scraps of lists everywhere too!

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