Can’t Wait!

I am so pumped! I got my first email from Green Bean Ohio-a produce/natural groceries company that delivers your order. I signed up for a once per week delivery which starts next week. Tuesday is my delivery day and from Thursday afternoon until Monday at noon I can look at what my order will contain and make changes/substitutions! I can also add other items they carry, including eggs, dairy, even frozen items like Amy’s brand frozen foods. This flexibility is such a great feature-unlike a CSA, where it’s always a surprise. I can be looking up recipes and  be ready to incorporate my fresh produce. I’m also very pumped because at least for my first bin, the produce is all marked as organic or sustainably grown, which includes grown without pesticides…which is exactly what my goal is 🙂 If you are interested, here is the list of what is coming: grape tomatoes, nectarines, green peppers, red grapes, broccoli, cucumber, blackberries, potatoes, green leaf lettuce, cantaloupe, and eggplant–All welcomed, at least by me!!

As far as not wasting food, I am happy with my progress so far. I can see the whole key for us is to have a meal plan for the week and to stick to it at the store. Obvious, but not something I excel at… I also played a mind game with myself at the store–to reduce impulsive and unhealthy purchases– where I repeated (inside, luckily!) “I eat real food”. I tried very hard to not buy processed stuff in the “middle aisles”. Now was I perfect? No, not at all. I picked up cookies, breakfast squares for my husband to eat at work and several other items along those lines. But the mantra helped me keep focused.

I stuck to the meal plan also, so I am thrilled that I don’t think I will be throwing anything out, leftovers or otherwise!! The one exception will probably be the bunch of cilantro–hard to use that up fully when I am the only one who likes it.

Along the reducing waste theme, here are napkins I ordered from Etsy. If you don’t sew, like me, Etsy is so fun! This was only my second order from the site, but I do love to look! I have been very happy with my purchases. No more buying paper napkins, I hope. I bought 8, so I should be able to keep clean ones in stock. But 7.00 for 4 (small but large enough) napkins which are well made from organic cotton is worth it to me, and I would not mind ordering more. A sophisticated print and a fun print with fruits and veggies…

Lastly, I cooked a new veggie-red swiss chard. I made a soup from “Quick-Fix Vegan” by Robin Robertson. The recipe is named chard and red lentil soup. Basically just a veggie broth based soup with some canned diced tomato as the other primary flavor. I left out several ingredients that I did not think I needed or wanted to buy. The chard is added at the end for a few minutes to wilt. Very good! I like the texture of the chard-seems a little firmer than spinach in a soup. And with the lentils, this soup is protein packed! Although I can’t just reprint the recipe, I would say you could just wilt chard in some hot vegetable or tomato soup for an even easier recipe. There may also be similar recipes online. Here is a picture–on a new napkin of course–

(PS–I checked and if you google chard and red lentil soup, very similar recipes will be found)

See you next week-I will try to use some online recipes so I can link you to them!


4 thoughts on “Can’t Wait!

  1. I recently have discovered the fun of Etsy! I am making some jewelry for my niece who is getting married and I am going to list it on Esty, just to see if I get any takers:) I am still experimenting with my yogurt maker..once I get it perfected, it will be great:)

  2. I love cilantro…great in homemade Pad Thai and try it in dips…my favourite is a Spicy Edamame Dip that has cilantro in it! Where you would use parsley…substitute with cilantro. Even tossed in a salad would be a unique switch up. Veggie napkin is soooo cute!

    • I agree, cilantro rules! Definitely in Pad Thai, dips, salads…if you read my next post I include it once more 🙂 Thanks, I thought the napkin fabric was too cute…and there were lots of tempting choices on Etsy.

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