A few tidbits

We do have a winner of the giveaway, Debbie M. I will get it to you this upcoming week. I hope you enjoy the creativity and healthfulness of the cookbook!

A damper has been put on my summer with a sinus infection and bronchitis. Wow…I found out you can’t fake your way through and just assume your body will just kick every cold easily. I have barely had the energy to open the fridge. I just have a few tidbits for  you this week.

1. Radishes. My order for this week had a 16 oz bag. I have not had the energy for figuring them out (as far as a creative recipe-if one exists?). I had one sliced on a salad, but it was only mediocre to my taste buds. However I am sure they are good quality radishes–they had an awesome fuchsia color. They will be a gift to my dad as soon as I see him. I remember my mom always had me cut one to put on his salad as we grew up, but I think he was the only one in the family who ate them!

2. Pluots-did you know of these “hybrids” of plum and apricot? They are good, but I am not sure I see much difference from a plum. Very pretty color…Easy way to add another serving of fruit each day.

3. Chai tea latte-Easy to make at home with this concentrate. Oregon Chai is my favorite-their sugar free variety is excellent too. I like mine best with plain almond milk or plain soy milk, but any milk will do. You can mix up a drink of any size, just add equal amounts of your milk and the concentrate. On a hot day, I throw in a few ice cubes and have it cooled. For some reason I like to heat it up first though instead of just using cold milk+cold concentrate.

I hope you enjoy your week…I saw this quote by Mary Oliver again today: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”      I love this quote and hope to regain the energy to live life with zest very soon!  Have you read any of Mary Oliver’s poetry? I hope to soon…



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