Larry is my friend

What vegetable or fruits are you enjoying at this time of the year? I have been seeing lots of enticing recipes using zucchini. I plan to make this one for sure. And of course old-fashioned zucchini bread similar to this. But the funny thing is my fruit/vegetable delivery has not included ANY! And  my wonderful next door neighbors who urge me to pick from their garden every year at this time don’t seem to be growing any either. But here is where Larry comes in to save the day…I am really really loving cucumbers this year. Is it a good idea to eat a whole one in one sitting? I’m not really sure. But I have been doing this often, and also using them in every salad.  So yes, Larry is my friend, because I love cucumbers and he makes me smile! We won’t get into the fact I am “eating” my friend in a sense…after all eating plants is kind of the point of this blog and theoretically is a good thing. No need to get technical…


Larry is this cucumber character from the animated series Veggie Tales. My kids had a CD of some of their songs way back when and his voice was just memorable and frankly I thought they were hilarious. In small doses. Very small doses…Luckily, my boys enjoyed “Arthur” music more (remember the PBS series?) and for the most part it was more tolerable in the car.

Here are some other things I (or we) have been eating, mainly from my produce bin…

  • Corn on the cob-boiled briefly. I learned that cooking it 3-5 minutes (bring corn to boil from cold) works well and tastes fresher.
  • Broccoli-steamed in metal steamer basket-this week’s was the best broccoli yet–perfect!
  • Small Yukon gold and red potatoes-with Rustic Potato recipe I linked to before
  • Snap peas-shared with coworkers for a snack at work
  • Baby spinach-salad and plan to make a recipe for spinach and cheese enchiladas

I also have a beautiful head of cabbage from my neighbors-debating between slaw and soup. Now, what (to do) about Bob??

 Bob the tomato

Yes, goofy movie reference. Guess I am giddy from a long week at work.

Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “Larry is my friend

    • Yeah, they are not too bad; I might even miss those days…The Bob went into salad and was awesome.
      So much better than typical grocery fare. I will have to do a sandwich next time. Thanks for stopping by!


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