Let Them Eat…Salad?

Interestingly, I just found out through Wikipedia that the quote that inspired this title is NOT believed to have been uttered by Marie Antoinette, who was thought to be so out of touch with the commoners that she stated “Let them eat cake!”…You never know what you might learn when a title comes to you…

Getting back to veggies, my oldest son is eating salad! I think he ate salad five times in the past week…you have to understand this is an achievement on the scale of my dog learning and using five French words in a week!  I am thankful (because I think this is helping) that I have learned to make a better salad in past months, using Romaine hearts like these:

How did this come about you might wonder? We went to a meeting and luncheon last Sunday for his high school cross country team (he started high school this week). The coaches and captains touched on the goals for the year which included maintaining healthy habits during the season. They went further to state the goals were: Eating healthy, avoiding drinking of soda the entire season, and getting 8 hours of sleep per night. Wow…is this great stuff or what for someone just entering high school? That night I offered a plate of salad and he said “yes” and “I already had salad today at lunch”. (I could not see him eating because the team sat together). Salad twice in one day…I’m still in awe. Amazing what a bit of motivation and peer pressure can accomplish.

Vegetarian cooking tidbits and discoveries for the week:

  • We had some good spinach and cheese burritos which I doctored up by adding about a cup of cooked plain quinoa before rolling them up. It was very filling and easy. I may be adding quinoa in all my enchilada/burrito recipes, which seem to be a favorite theme lately.
  • I found out that cooked quinoa can stay in the refrigerator a week after cooking. I usually throw out out my leftover quinoa after 3 days or so. Yep, I took a microbiology class at one point and I’m a little paranoid…
  • Here is our quick dinner tonight…made a run to Trader Joe’s yesterday and picked up more Pakoras (picture below). I guess you could call them little dumplings filled with potato, onion, chick pea flour, sweet potato, spinach, cilantro and so on…According to the label they are pretty high in sodium (950 mg for 4 Pakoras) but otherwise I think they are decent: 3 g fiber, 4 g protein, and even 8% of daily iron! I should disclose that they are fairly spicy-it’s an Indian/Pakistani food. They are marked vegan also.

So, let us eat Pakoras with a healthy salad tonight…And I wouldn’t mind getting 8 hours of sleep…


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