A bit of tofu success

I wanted to give an updated review on my E-Z Tofu Press. I bought this press on Amazon, after thinking about a press for over 6 months. I was drawn to this press because it was simple and did not take up a lot of space because it does not come with a plastic “box” to collect the water. You simply drain the tofu onto a plate, shallow pan, etc. The price was also much less than other choices I had come across.

I have  used my press three times now over a two-month period. I am very happy with it. It washes easily, and when you close it up by screwing the two plates as close together as you can, it stores in minimal space, which means I can keep it in an accessible spot to grab in a hurry, not in the basement like some of my cooking supplies. It presses the tofu well, although due to my own inexperience I am not sure how “tightly” I can press. I have been able to achieve an amount of pressing I like in 15 minutes, with a few progressive turns to tighten every once in a while. Each time I have measured 1/3 cup liquid released…so I am curious if I can press harder. I like to use extra firm tofu and I really don’t want it breaking up, which I had managed to do in the past when pressing tofu with heavy books and cans. I like to cook with linear cubes or “slices” of tofu. Anyways, after several uses and cleanings (by hand), there is absolutely no sign of any breakdown of the screws, plates or any component. I recommend it if you are interested in a space-saving simple tofu press at a good price.

Here are some pictures of my set-up.

Storage, on my rotating shelf where I cook. Ignore the double boiler pan never unwrapped. I use every other pan from that set!

Tofu draining. It never moves or slides downward in the press.

This week I made Sesame Tofu with Spinach,  a recipe from Moosewood Restaurant’s “Simple Suppers”, which is also posted on their website. (Find it by clicking the link). It really looked better than a lot of my previous tofu attempts and tasted great too–but not so much the next day when the seeds were softened and the tofu was less crispy…gotta eat it same day. I learned some good tips by following this recipe:

  • Sesame seeds can be “pressed” right into the moist tofu (no dipping into a liquid first)…so maybe other things can be pressed this easily too…bread crumbs, chopped nuts possibly?
  • The soy sauce and Tabasco (I skipped the Tabasco) are added in the last 1-2 minutes in the skillet and give the tofu the darker look which I like…seems like this can also be adapted to other recipes.
  • “Regular” extra firm tofu seems to hold its shape slightly better than the sprouted tofu I have tried in my other recipes with the tofu press. Both were organic tofu from Nasoya, so I think it is a fair comparison. I used the regular extra firm here.

Sesame Tofu with Spinach

Maybe I am finally getting somewhere with my tofu cooking. I don’t want to eat it every day, but I would love to work it in once a week. And for other people to actually want to eat it, ha ha.

In my next post I’m going to share about my new discovery of eco-friendly (no nasty, dangerous Teflon) non-stick cookware. If you remember how horrendous poorly my attempts to cook tofu in my stainless steel pans worked out, this is awesome. And the best part is, these pans are super reasonably priced!


6 thoughts on “A bit of tofu success

  1. Let me know about your eco-friendly cookware discovery, I will be experimenting with a new eco-friendly wok soon! Regarding how far you can press, it’s possible to go 7/8 in (inside measurement), however every tofu block is unique and different. If you see cracking occur then back off the tension. About 1 to 1.25 in should be sufficient pressing. Thanks for the EZ Tofu Press review!

    • Ben, thanks for the tofu pressing advice. I will try that measurement…slowly. I think each formulation from each manufacturer is different like you said. Have you tried black bean tofu? I have not found it in stores yet. Let me know about your pan! My post about my eco-friendly pans (Danny Seo cookware) is finally up.

      • Just got your post! Wow what a deal you got on the wok! I just bought an Ozeri 12″ ceramic Wok on Amazon and waiting for it to arrive..I have owned their fry pan for a year and very happy with it. From the little I have learned about these pans, all ceramic coated pans are safe! The only downside but could be an upside is that they splatter when you use to much oil. I have been experimenting with tofu (using my EZ Tofu Press!) and find that wiping a thin layer of oil on the pan is all that is needed. Black Bean tofu is not in my area, I was told Whole Foods has it but every time I go to my local store its not there! Is it good??? Real excited about the wok so I can do a real stir fry !!

      • Ben, I will have to read about Ozeri pans too. I had never heard of ceramic non-stick until now. About the black bean tofu, I have had my eye out for it, but when I was last at Whole Foods I forgot to look. Maybe they don’t have it at mine either. I’m guessing they will soon. Let me know how tofu cooks in your new wok–I’m sure hoping it does well in mine as you know!

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