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Hi Friends. I have to tell you, I’ve not been able to cook much again this week. Not by choice, certainly. I’m recovering from a leg surgery which left me with extensive bruising throughout my leg. Ugh! Today I’m even using crutches to see if it helps if I stay off the foot, which is ultra-bruised and swollen.

I collected some interesting news and facts for today.

Happy Meatless Monday! School districts including Baltimore and Detroit now implement Meatless Monday in their districts. My family may not have agreed to go vegetarian, but they know to expect this on Monday. They have agreed on whole wheat pasta, which I am so thankful for. In my opinion, Whole Foods 365 organic is the best one. I buy a lot of it. On Mondays I often make 365 pasta, mix in a jar of sauce, place in a baking dish, and top with a little mozzarella cheese. Then I bake…I also cook Morningstar not-sausage patties and crumble, to be placed on the pasta if desired..It’s an easy meal and we all like it. My runner son now wants whole grains because it will help his running (slow release of energy vs sugar spike). ^**^ ^**^ ^**^ This is me imagining jumping up and down because I can’t really do it…

I bought the October issue of Veg News a few weeks ago. It is such a good issue, I seriously have 13 page corners folded for future reference…reading ideas, recipes, or a product to consider buying.

Some interesting news from Veg News-
The USDA has estimated that in 2012 American meat consumption will decrease 12.2% from the 2007 level. Good for us!

A very informative article titled The Hunger Shame by Marla Rose discusses how world-wide increasing demand for meat along with the world population increasing to 9.1 billion by 2050 is a huge disaster in the making for feeding the world. Basically, animals eat tons of grain that could be feeding many more people than the meat feeds. What goes in does not equal the output. I find this frightening and sad when you consider that we already have hunger issues around the world.

Other news: I heard on the radio this week that 10% of Australians are vegetarians! Wow.

I know I haven’t been cooking or sharing any recipes while I’m off my feet. But do I ever have a site for you to visit, Oh She Glows, a vegan blog. You will not regret it. Go to the tab for recipes if you really want to be blown away! Angela’s recipes are a party for the eyes and super healthy. Recently she gave her recipe for toasted pumpkin seeds and tips for cooking and using Butternut squash…Oh, how I am dying to use these recipes…I do have Butternut squash coming in my delivery tomorrow and plan to cook it no matter what…hmmm, let’s pretend I didn’t say that, Mom…

Have a great week! If you try any of the recipes from Oh She Glows, please let me know how it turned out. So many choices!


2 thoughts on “From the News Desk

  1. Hope your recovery goes well! Why leg surgery? (if you don’t mind me asking) I will have to seek out October’s VegNews…I enjoy their articles and like to check out new products, although me sometimes can’t get them here in Canada. I also love Oh She Glows…I believe a cookbook is in the works! (she is also Canadian…would love to meet her) I have an acorn squash ready to be roasted tomorrow…I save the seeds and roast them…soooo good! In fact, I save all the seeds from all squash for roasting…great for a snack…even my eldest son loves them! Take care of yourself!

    • Leg surgery was to remove a benign mass behind my knee…I did not expect my foot to be involved! Thanks for the wishes. I’m sure this bruising will clear up sometime soon!! Enjoy that squash…I will try saving my butternut squash seeds to roast-I’ve never seen what size seeds they have.

      If you do get the VegNews, check out the book reviews…there’s an allergy-free baking book that made me think of you. I’m not sure you need any tips though:)

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