Good Finds this Week including Thanksgiving “Roast”






This is what I’m really excited about! I found Gardein Holiday Roast at Whole Foods on Saturday by searching the entire store (the guy near the front taking holiday orders was not sure if it was in stock yet). I was unsure whether I could find this vegan “faux” holiday roast because I don’t live near Whole Foods for frequent checking and I thought they might go quickly. This looked terrific in VegNews magazine. Gardein makes some tasty products which are designed to be the plant-based protein source in a meal. This is my third Thanksgiving as a vegetarian, and my first time to try a product like this. It will be fun to have a “main dish” I can eat.








Here are some other things I stocked up on that I can recommend. I love red lentils and can’t find them at my local grocery. The last time I was at Whole Foods about 3 weeks ago, their normal slot on the shelf was empty. I wistfully found a store employee and asked whether there could be red lentils in the back. I felt a little self-conscious at that point, but I just had to check. Red lentils cook in 20 minutes and can be added to soups, simmered with any sauce or broth, and seem to come up often in vegetarian recipes.

The Nature’s Path organic instant oatmeal is my favorite quick breakfast when I don’t make oatmeal in my rice cooker. I love the blueberry, flax, and cinnamon combination.

I’ll admit I haven’t tried the 365 brand organic canola oil yet, but it’s definitely better to use organic canola from what I have read. See this post for details.

Lastly, Soy Boy Tofu Lin is Asian flavored organic tofu which is already marinated and cooked. I just cubed it and added it in my veggie stir fry towards the end of cooking, to heat it through. I love how easy that is when you don’t want to press, marinate, and cook the tofu. And tofu and I have an ongoing battle anyways, don’t we?

Have you found any interesting products lately? Are you preparing for Thanksgiving yet?


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