Cookbooks and Books

I made another recipe from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook by Del Sroufe. The Veg Cookbook Club (check them out!) has moved onto a new book, but I’m still plodding through some recipes from Forks Over Knives that I never got to last month. It has over 300 recipes and I do think I will be using it in my healthy cooking rotation. Probably not so much when I want a rich not-so-healthy meal. Which is never, right? Sure…

Red Lentil Dal was a winner for me. I love Dal of all types…Unfortunately, I was the only one in the family to eat much of it. For the next time, I will probably cut it in half to reduce the mountain of leftovers, even after I ate it three times! I will also cut the onion in half as I did in the other Forks Over Knives recipe I tried. This did have a bit too much onion for me. Something in the combination of spices (maybe the turmeric?) and red lentils always gives this type of recipe a crazy color. But I still love my red lentils unconditionally. See below, served with Tofutti “sour cream”…

red lentil dal








Next cookbook: A find at the library: The Good Neighbor Cookbook by Sara Quessenberry and Suzanne Schlosberg, published in 2011. No, it is not vegetarian, but it has plenty of veg recipes and others that I can easily convert. It contains (I quote from the cover here), “Easy and delicious recipes to surprise and satisfy new moms, new neighbors, recuperating friends…” The book has recipes for other occasions also, including condolences, block parties, and community, religious, or business gatherings to name a few. Just about covers it all! I’ve always wanted to be the good neighbor or friend who shows up with the pan of lasagna or similar dish at the first opportunity, but I only actually achieve this about 25% of the time. I hope to find a few standby dishes that I can whip up quickly.

The Good Neighbor Cookbook









Lastly, I just finished up The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals by Jenny Brown. I had a special interest in the book because Jenny Brown is the founder of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. I happen to have a brother who lives in  Woodstock, NY. We are hoping to spend a week with my brother this coming summer, and now I definitely hope to visit the sanctuary. Truthfully, I never heard of farm animal sanctuaries until I started reading about veganism. The book is a good read. I loved the way she shows the personalities and intelligence of the animals. It won Editor’s Pick: Book of the Year from VegNews magazine. I have always loved the book Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White from a very young age. I can’t turn down a chance to get to know some big Wilburs!

What have you been reading or cooking from?


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