Just eat more plants!

New Year’s Resolutions? I’m not too into them. I find I’m usually working towards the same long term goals every year. They are good goals, but they are ongoing because they include hard work and time. Every year. That’s just me. As you might guess, an ongoing goal is to eat more plants…

I read a lot of blogs, and try to leave comments. I find myself often saying “Keep eating plants!” or “Keep eating more plants!” It seems like a great phrase to encourage anyone who is (hopefully) thinking about going veg or is dabbling in eating more fruits and veggies. Even for the non-vegetarian world, it’s a good thing.  After all, it’s not rocket science anymore…everyone, I mean everyone has to know by now…we all need to eat more plants and less of the bad stuff. And we all know what that stuff is, right? So it’s my new year phrase, my mantra for every day–Just eat more plants! (My apologies to the footwear company where this thought may be loosely rooted).

Along those lines, three ways I am working on this (non) goal:

1. Awesome organic “Power Greens” salad mix I found at Whole Foods…spinach, kale, and red and green chard. They are all young greens and very tender to eat.


Power greens salad 1


2. Meal Planning–I am using a chart to write down three home-cooked meals I will make each week and then making a complete grocery list for all needed items. The real change for me is trying to cook in bulk. Doubling recipes or whatever it takes. Cooking and prepping on the weekend or one of my days off. My inspiration comes from Diana at Veggie Next Door. She’s got loads of veg tips, enjoys veg cookbooks also, and will certainly get you in the mood to eat at restaurants around Chicago. Cooking large amounts is a challenge around here with 2/3 other family members having much larger appetites than mine. I never seem to make enough with standard recipes to have leftovers! It’s just not instinctive at all for me to cook large amounts. The purpose of my plan is to have some leftover meals, maybe two each week. This leaves less tendency for us to get take-out on my 2 work nights. I am also cooking a large batch of brown rice each week in my Zojirushi cooker, which I still need to do a post on. I love this rice cooker, mainly because of the timer and its ability to cook oats. Cooking the rice has been a time saver to use in planned or unplanned meals or to take to work. I alternate the rice with a large batch of quinoa.

3. Attend a VegFest or similar event this year–VegFest Asheville NC or Chicago…or Vegetarian Summerfest in PA, seem most realistic for me. I hear they have cooking/nutritional seminars and of course, the food! Here is a great calendar of these events and more.

Keep on eating (more) plants…





5 thoughts on “Just eat more plants!

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, Julie! I hope the bulk-cooking works out for you. It’s definitely hard to block the time to do it, but if I didn’t block the time on my weekends, I certainly wouldn’t get around to cooking well on my weeknights either 🙂

    I actually have a huuuge appetite so on top of doubling recipes for leftovers, sometimes I have to triple or quadruple them so I can have seconds at each meal 🙂 I have a huuuge sautee pan that makes this possible and I use it for almost everything I cook. Mine is a very old one so I can’t find it online, but this is kinda what it looks like: http://store.calphalon.com/simply-calphalon-nonstick-12-in-jumbo-fryer/749296

    And P.S. I am dreaming of going to Asheville, NC some day – I hear it is a Vegetarian paradise. I imagine they put on a fantastic festival!

    • Thanks for the tip on the large pan–I may need to obtain a deep one like that. As for Asheville, you will love it. I have eaten veg the times I have been there, because our friends would scope out the best veg restaurants–and they were amazing. I have heard there are even more high quality veg restaurants now. We hope to get there soon, even if not for the VegFest. The hiking is gorgeous also. Let me know if you go!

  2. I like your mantra. I’ve found that, especially over the last couple years, which have been exceptionally stressful, I’ve gotten lazier than I was when I first became vegan. I still eat healthily in terms of whole grains, and with a fair balance, but I don’t always shove the volume of raw, leafy greens or varied fruits down my throat that I should, and once did, so I value this reminder. More plants…and things that have come off plants recently, and are relatively close to their originally harvested state. That Power Green mix is one I’ll look out for.

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