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Thanks you so very much! Two sweet and prolific bloggers nominated my blog for some recognition. Definitely unexpected and appreciated. I’ll elaborate on one nomination in this post, and then other in the next. The first one was back in December, maybe? I have to apologize for my procrastination and glacial pace of carrying on the spirit of More Than Greens for the Liebstser Blog Award. Check hers out-it’s fun and very pretty! For this award, I get to post 11 facts about myself, answer her questions, and pass 11 more questions on to the 11 blogs that I nominate. Whew…….I’ll be elaborating more on what is keeping me so busy soon.

Liebster Blog Award

Ok, 11 facts first up.

1. My all-time favorite books from my childhood are Harriet the Spy and Charlotte’s Web. I still need to see the movie version of Harriet. I remember uncontrollably laughing out loud as I would read and re-read it.

2.  My tastes have truly changed to appreciate vegetables and actually crave them. It is possible to change your palate as an adult. I love veggies vs. the mindless toleration of them I used to feel.

3. I have attended both men’s and women’s World Cup games in the U.S.

4. I really need to read a book before seeing the movie it’s based on. It just doesn’t work for me the other way.

5. I mess up about 50% of all recipes I try. But then I get it right (usually) the second time. Not a natural-born cook. Definitely.

6. If I could only have three foods to survive on, I guess it would have to be quinoa, blueberries, and broccoli. Not sure if it would be nutritionally adequate, but it might be close?

7. Working with children as an occupational therapist is not for the meek. Just kidding! But what other job gets you sneezed on, peed on, and provides quotes so hilarious that you have to keep a running board in the office?

8. I have two boys. I have two brothers and no sisters. It’s hard to imagine how it would be to raise girls.

9. Food Network faves: Chopped, Cupcake Wars. Needs a veg show.

10. I have tried a few mini-triathlons. I’m afraid to use clip-on bike pedals. I guess that career is not going any further 🙂

11. I really really love my job.

The 11 questions I was asked to answer:

  • If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would you pick? Anyone who works at VegNews, ha ha. Lots of samples. In all seriousness, I’m not sure. Maybe someone who works on Downton Abbey.
  • What would you cook to impress your friends at a dinner party? Lentil Enchiladas.
  • What is your favourite item of clothing? Comfortable pants, i.e. warm-up pants.
  • Where do you want to go on your next holiday? The U.S. Southwest.
  • What is your favourite way to spend a Sunday? Cooking, walking or running with someone in my family if possible, a quiet relaxing evening. Would not include groceries or laundry!!
  • Who inspires you? Peacemakers–Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa.
  • What was the last film you saw the the cinema? Oh so embarrassing…I don’t recall! Might have been a Harry Potter movie with my kids.
  • What was your favourite novel of 2012? Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.
  • What was your favourite cookbook? Veganomicon.
  • If you could live in any era, which era would you pick? Now. Women have more freedom and opportunity than any other time. Not going back.
  • What is your favourite city in the world? New York City.

My questions for the next nominees…

  • Wine or beer (or neither)?
  • What is your favorite vegetable?
  • Favorite movie of all time?
  • What is your most used and splattered upon cookbook?
  • Where did you go on your last trip for business or fun?
  • What has been your best investment in the kitchen, not including basic appliances?
  • Favorite sports to watch and play?
  • In two sentences or less, what is your take on The China Study by T. Collin Campbell?
  • Do you read paper newspapers?
  • What is your favorite grain?
  • If you were stranded for a month on an island with one other person, what one board game would you choose to pass the time?

My nominations are to these blogs: I know it’s only a few, but I have not been keeping up on exploring blogs as much as I wish I could–and some of these may not be on the newer side (and I had trouble figuring out number of followers)–but they are fantastic! I thank them for teaching me and inspiring me.

Here is a good summary of the award procedure.

So, what are you all cooking this weekend? So far, I’ve made a big pot of quinoa…Not sure what’s next. My refrigerator shelf which also holds the produce crisper drawer broke into a heap of plastic Thursday night at 10:15 pm (thanks, needed that!). Now the crisper is only accessible by lifting a glass shelf fully off of it, after moving items off this. I’m basically down one shelf and easy access to the drawer. This will not be conducive to much veg cooking! Wish me luck on a speedy replacement shelf. We won’t be fixing this ourselves, unfortunately.


4 thoughts on “Fun blogger stuff

  1. Congratulations!! How awesome is that!! Well, believe it or not, I am seriously exploring a plant based diet now for several reasons.. So, yesterday I dug up my Jack Lalane juicer out of the box and experiemented with a red pepper cucumber juice. It wasn’t bad for my first time and I was surprised at the pungent taste of the flavors. And for dinner, I made a big pot of brown rice and beans with onions, cumin, etc. to eat on for the next few days. Oh, and the best thing I tried, was frozen strawberries with some honey and a few ice cubes..I put that in my Ninja and it was a strawberry sorbet that was AMAZING!! Billy loved it and asked for more..that will definately be a great night time snack here.
    I am trying a plant based diet based on some movies I have seen and it got me to thinking about my health. I have not been feeling good at all here lately and all my tests are coming back normal, my hormones are out of whack, but I continue to have digestion problems, exhausted, headaches, joints hurting, etc… part of it is stress i know, but I have always been a “healthy” eater, but I need to get better. On the movies I watched, it was amazing to see how much better these people looked after 6 or 7 weeks. I am not hoping for an overnight miracle, but I do need to change. This summer I want to have a lot more energy. I was upset to learn that food companies putting chemicals in our food, to entice us to want more and keep eating. That cycle also described me and it was an eye opener.

    Hope all is well…!!

  2. Debbie,
    I am so excited to hear that you are giving a plant-based diet a try!! What movies did you watch? I have seen a few good ones–by no means all of them out there–I thought Forks and Knives was very inspiring. Food Inc. really got me thinking many years ago about the food industry and the manipulation we unknowingly encounter. Good luck!! I truly hope your body does feel better. Let me know if you want to check out my cookbooks for ideas….I have a lot of plant-based ones!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Julie! It was fun reading your answers and learning about you (I completely agree that Food Network needs some Veg shows, and I agree – a gig at VegNews would be so amazing)!

    I am so honored to have been nominated by you – thank you so so much! I hope you’ll forgive me but I’m so far behind on posting about all the cooking & eating I’ve been up to, I won’t be able to formally post a reply.

    My answers are: Champagne, Frozen Peas, When Harry Met Sally, the Happy Herbivore trio, parent’s house in Florida, Food Processor!, Confession: I am soooo not into sports, I fully believe in the China Study – plant-based is the way to go!, I have an online newspaper subscription, lately i’m loving brown-rice cous cous, and Cranium!

    • Diana,
      Sorry, I did not get a chance to email you about it yet, ha ha! I love your answers, so fun to meet other people through the blog world. Oh, I do so agree on When Harry Met Sally! And the China Study too. I will have to check out brown-rice couscous too. Never heard of it 🙂 You are so lucky living in a huge city. Thanks for being a sport and have a good week!

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