Cheese, you are a problem! And pizza…

As I started really moving toward a plant-based diet (i.e. vegan), I didn’t miss cheese too much at first. Yeah, right, for about two days. But once I got over the first week or two, I honestly didn’t think I craved it anymore. Ha. I was fooled. Sure, I had my trusty bag of Daiya cheddar shreds in the refrigerator drawer where I used to keep about 6 types of cheese at any given time. I didn’t break into them often, and frankly didn’t think I liked them much anyways. So why bother?

Then I started to really miss pizza. Sure, I tried versions of bare pizza with sauce and some toppings. The result was ok, but it didn’t have that “it” factor I was craving. As I have read more, I have seen this concept discussed again and again. Vegan experts generally agree that when one has trouble with feeling full or satisfied on a plant-based diet, it may be due either to not meeting calorie requirements (believe me, not the case with all the cooking I’ve been obsessed with) or missing the creaminess/fat that comes with animal products. Others talk about casein in dairy/cheese being addictive and opioid-like, but I’m not convinced on that. It may very well be true, I don’t know. I just wanted pizza.

You might wonder why I will go on and on about Daiya brand. I don’t have any endorsements or free products, but wouldn’t that be nice? I like the fact that it is oriented toward vegans and additionally toward people with food allergies. No dairy or nut products (they do state that coconut is the exception). The products are soy and gluten-free, which is less of a concern for me, but critical to others. I can’t have cashews in the house due to a child’s severe allergy, which means no cashew cheese recipes. Therefore I seek safe yummy “cheese.”

I tried it with a pizza made with sub rolls and really liked it. This is not gourmet here, but I hope it might help if you are looking for an exceptionally easy and delicious pizza. It should work on any crust; I’ve just been in “fast and easy” mode and have used pre-sliced rolls. I am now CERTAIN I like Daiya cheese (a lot!) when heated and much less when not.



Hoagy or Sub rolls, any bread or crust could be used, just be aware I started with an already baked “base” to my pizza

Muir Glen brand Organic Pizza Sauce

Freeze-Dried cut basil (Fresh would be great but it was not available or attractive in Feb/March)

Toppings: I only used sliced green olives each time, but add any you want

Daiya brand mozzarella shreds


(Set oven to broil.  I used broil-high and my oven rack in the second from the highest position).

1. Place your sub rolls or bread open side up on a baking sheet. Spread with the desired amount of pizza sauce.

2. Liberally sprinkle basil over sauce

3. Add toppings (cook vegetables slightly ahead of time if they won’t be soft with the short cooking time)

4. Add Daiya mozzarella shreds

5. Broil (mine took 6-8 minutes) as you watch very closely for light browning of the cheese.

6. Enjoy!

sub roll pizzas


If you have any tips on vegan cheese or pizza, I’d love to hear…




7 thoughts on “Cheese, you are a problem! And pizza…

    • I have been buying the cheddar wedge too and grating it myself-for some reason I like it better than the packaged shreds when freshly grated for nachos and things. Serious cheese cravings around here lately!! I will have to try grilled “cheese” very soon.

  1. Hey Julie!! Hope all is well….I will have to try this..I assume it’s in the health food section at Kroger’s and I am sure Trader Joe’s has it…this looks great! I also want to experiment with kale…so far, I really like having a plant-based diet and my tummy troubles have decreased a lot and I am seeing some other changes, so I am motivated to keep eating green..I can’t believe how much my cravings have disappeared too…I definately am not perfect, but have made changes that I am happy with and will keep getting better..this summer I want to experiment with much more…Have you heard of a blog called Oh She Glows? that is an awesome site to check out too..Hope to see you around:)

    • I’m glad to hear about your positive changes! Yay! Yes, I do read Oh She Glows regularly. It’s amazing and so inspiring. About the Daiya cheese, it’s not at all Krogers. I put in a written request at my store this week, we’ll see if it appears. You can find the best selection of it at Whole Foods. I hope to see you soon too. Thanks for reading my rambling blog 🙂

  2. My son enjoys his pizza with just my homemade pizza sauce sprinkled with Daiya Mozzarella Shreds on top. He also loves making a grilled cheese with the Daiya Cheddar Shreds…more than the wedge (although his first experience with the wedge was he used too much in his sandwich which has put him off it). He also sprinkles the Daiay Cheddar Shreds on nachos for a snack…Cheddar Shreds make an awesome Mac and Cheese that my whole family enjoys. 🙂

  3. I learned it tastes great when heated, as it sounds like your son has discovered. And guess, what, did you see the recent ads for Daiya cream cheese? I can’t wait to find that and try it!

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