Un-recipe for Grilled Hummus Sandwich


A quick “un-recipe” for you to celebrate my Veggieversary #3! (Three years this past weekend since I decided to eat vegetarian). Hooray!  It’s been an awesome journey, and I’m living the way that I think I always knew deep down was right for me.

Why is this an un-recipe? Because I’m not good with precision when I experiment, which I suppose gives you more freedom too, right? This grilled hummus sandwich has been a regular thing for me this year because I do always have sandwich bread to use up. And it has cilantro. See the connection? Just kidding, there isn’t much of one, but I love anything with cilantro. LOTS of it. I did not follow a recipe with this…just sort of thought of it as making grilled cheese for my boys for lunch one Sunday.

ingredients for hummus sandwich

Grilled Hummus Sandwich-vegan version

2 slices sandwich bread

hummus-pre-made or go for making your own

Earth balance buttery spread or you favorite non-dairy margarine/spread

Optional: fresh cilantro leaves, Romaine lettuce leaves (or any green you prefer), green or other assorted slices olives, sliced tomato, sliced onion, black bean and corn mix (I keep a batch in my fridge most weeks), or anything else. This is great for helping use up leftover odds and ends of produce.


Heat your non-stick pan on medium. Spread Earth balance or similar spread on one side of one slice of bread. Place this in the pan, buttery side down and then carefully put a big old layer of hummus all over that piece. Add the extras that you think can stand up to the heat. For me (this week at least) that was the cilantro, olives, and black bean and corn mix. Put your other buttered slice on top (buttery side facing outward) and cook until both sides are browned, flipping the sandwich carefully when appropriate. Take off the heat, open your sandwich and add the toppings you did not add initially, like lettuce.

This time my cilantro was a little too warm and wilted, so I may wait until the end or mid-way through next time.

grilled hummus sandwich

Enjoy the creamy, warm, yumminess!


2 thoughts on “Un-recipe for Grilled Hummus Sandwich

  1. What a fun idea! I love the idea of a grilled hummus sandwich – it’s just as warm & comforty as a grilled cheese would be, so a great stand-in! I love wrapping hummus in a tortilla with a splash of hot sauce and warming it in the microwave, and also love hummus on toast, but never thought of making a grilled-cheese like concoction which takes it to a whole different level!

  2. Happy veggiversary! I love un-recipes. Everyone tweaks and personalizes recipes anyway, so why not embrace it! And the grilled hummus idea is a good one, I’ll have to give it a try next time I have a batch on hand.

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