Eating My Veggies

Astounding news here in Southwestern Ohio! We (Cincinnati) actually made it into VegNews, in print, in an article titled Veganville USA! I was anxiously waiting my copy (thinking this was probably some obscure little blurb on their website) and it seemed to take forever. I had to see if for myself. I thought I was hallucinating one night when I saw on a local website that Cincinnati was one of the five veg-friendly cities you wouldn’t expect, as determined by VegNews. We are certainly not as veg-friendly as Portland, LA, anywhere in California, or NYC. However for a former meat processing capital (that’s why we have the Flying Pig Marathon, in reference to the past), it’s pretty exciting.

I have a recipe you have to try, if you have the Peas and Thank You cookbook by Sarah Matheny, for Lime-Tahini Sauce (I also found it as Lime-Tahini Dressing online, kinda illegally copied, but not by me!). I made Sarah’s Kale Sunshine salad last week, pictured here, which is similar, but has a lemon-tahini dressing. I followed everything exactly, but added the golden raisins.

kale sunshine salad from P and TY

I preferred the lime-tahini version of the dressing I made tonight. In fact I gobbled the rest of my kale down making this after dinner, when I really intended to save the salad for tomorrow! I found that the dressing looked 1000% better when I threw it in my blender, after first lazily just trying to whisk it. Sorry I don’t have a picture, seems to happen whenever I love something…

We’ve had good-looking organic lacinato/dinosuar kale at our grocery lately. Just de-stem it and chop it up…I find it pretty yummy with any dressing (store-bought works too) rubbed in, with your fingers. It lasts a few days with the dressing on it, unlike most salads, so it’s perfect for work too. Don’t be afraid to try this, seriously, if you haven’t had it. It’s like spinach with a little texture.

Here’s my own recipe I made last week, born of the necessity of a super-fast dinner (between an appointment and an evening meeting I needed to attend). I had portobello mushrooms from my delivery. I knew I should marinate, but no time. I knew I should research flavorings, but no time. So I added some oil to my cast-iron pan on medium, sliced the portobellos, and threw them in. I added salt and pepper at some point, cooked them until soft but not mushy, and placed them on these Trader Joe’s whole-wheat tortillas, with Muir Glen organic mild salsa and avocado. I was still a bit late for my meeting, but my belly was happy! Hubby liked them too. I had not noticed these tortillas at Trader Joe’s before, unfortunately. They are delicious and seem more like homemade. A nice price too, for 12 tortillas, about 2-2.50 I think.

portobello soft taco

If you’ve ever had a home renovation project that involved clearing out several rooms, you’ll relate to why I haven’t been posting much. Chaos!

Hope your summer is going well so far! What veggies are you eating?