More Reasons to Love Chipotle

This will be quick–I was thrilled last night to stop into Chipotle to grab some late dinner for the family after a soccer game and see…the bacon is out of the pinto beans!!! The main sign in the restaurant had not been changed yet, so I checked with the staff on whether the sign down lower on the counter was accurate…they said it was. I’ve been thinking as I stand in line at Chipotle once or so per week about this very possibility (fantasy) but never thought it would happen. More vegetarian options! And hooray for a lot of pigs too! So, here is a pic of my quick dinner. I wanted 2 crispy tacos, but they were down to one. Hence one of each. It was a pleasant and tasty change from my staple black beans I get every time. I wonder if they will put both beans on if I ask? Hmmmmm.

Chipotle tacos with new pinto beans

It’s so easy to eat vegetarian or vegan at Chipotle. I usually get a burrito bowl (no tortilla) with brown rice, black beans, tomato salsa, a touch of the spicier tomatillo salsa and extra lettuce. With the veggie bowl/burrito, you can have free guacamole (yummy, with lots of cilantro) either in a to-go cup or a scoop on the top. It’s an extra cost for guacamole if you are getting meat on your meal. I like guac on the side so I can mix it in evenly or dip some chips in it. So–try the veg options and see what you think! It’s more economical and so awesome.

Now I can only hope we in Ohio get the new sofritas, a spicy tofu option at select Chipotle stores out in western states. Before 2018 that is.

Have you noticed this change at a Chipotle where you live?

Have a great week!