Mom, wife, medical professional, vegetarian for going on three years, former “serious” runner…for most of my life actually…that covers most of it. My first 18 months of vegetarian eating and cooking were not necessarily healthy…too processed, and to be truthful, way too much cheese! For the past year or so it’s been about finding easy, whole foods and being (somewhat!) confident to use them creatively. I’ve also begun to thoughtfully learn about and dabble increasingly in a plant-based, vegan diet, primarily as I have learned more about animal issues and, of course, for better health. Other related interests include navigating cooking with one son’s tree nut allergy and a family that did not go “veg” with me–or so they think!

Thanks to the blog world too; I was late to find you, but I have learned so much.

My goal is to carpe diem…for me that is healthy eating that does not absorb too much time. Life is too short for bad coffee and too much time in the kitchen! I hope I might provide fun and delicious ideas and tips, whether you are vegetarian or just trying to add healthy foods into your diet. Please share and collaborate with me…I have a lot to learn.

Disclaimer: Although I do work in a medical field, I am not trained in the field of nutrition. Any ideas and suggestions I make are those of a non-professional. Please be sure to do what is best for you and consult with your health professional if needed.


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    • Thank you so much…I am so honored and excited. I have enjoyed your blog many times and have fun trying to recall what a courgette is, for example…I love that blogging brings different cultures and regions together:)

  1. Dear Julie, thank you for letting me know about your blog. I started reading some of it and I do not want to go back to what I need to do! I feel your voice honest and sincere. Thank you for sharing your musings with a vegetable based diet and the fun, nutritious, and simple recipes for everyone to try a healthier lifestyle in their own kitchen! I can’t wait to meet you in person. Thank you, again!

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